Since 1999, the company „Astiltex Consulting” is working for the enterprises and companies on the field of consulting and international commerce.

The consulting field is managed by the group of engineers – economists and lawyers. All of these persons have a significant and long experience of work in the industry, for the existing companies as well as for the grand companies which were newly created.  Apart from the wide and contantly updated knowledge, the members of the team acquired their personal professional experience while working on the lowest positions, up to the participation in the direct company management. In all the working fields they appeared successful.

The international commerce field is held by the team, members of which gained their knowledge while working on the positions responsible for initiating and managing the transfers of the goods as well as negotiations and execution of the commercial contracts.

The company „Astiltex Consulting” is the member and co-founder of the Center of Advanced Technologies (Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii), raised by the initiative of the Polytechnique University of Łódź. The Center of Advanced Technologies gathers the majority of local high schools, universities and research institutions. The company „Astiltex Consulting” took an important part in preparing the legal and organisational basis for the Center of the Advanced Technologies.

The company „Astiltex Consulting” is also the member and co-founder of the Cluster of Łódź and the member of the Polish Technology Platform.